Using vcpkg at work to manage your C/C++ libraries

Meetup solo online a causa dell’emergenza sanitaria.

Questo incontro è ospitato su Microsoft Teams e può essere rivisto su YouTube.

La sessione

Vcpkg appeared in 2016 as an open source C/C++ library manager with an expansive catalog of open source libraries that are tested together for compatibility. More recently, the team has been developing new features based on user feedback, including features relevant to enterprises with complex package management needs. This talk will give an overview of the tool and how to use it in a real-world scenario at your job, using new features we are planning on our roadmap:

Here is a preview of what we will go over:

  • 1) How to cache library binaries for re-use across your development and CI machines
  • 2) Using the vcpkg.json manifest file to declare all your dependencies easily
  • 3) Using the new versioning support to lock yourself to specific versions of certain dependencies, or to maintain multiple versions of the same library on the same machine
  • 4) How to install your own private libraries with vcpkg, alongside popular open source ones like Boost


Il relatore

Augustin Popa works on C++ developer tools at Microsoft, including vcpkg, the cross-platform library manager, and Visual Studio.

Video dell’evento