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Speak at our monthly meetups in Modena

The Italian C++ Community has organized monthly meetups in Modena (and online) since 2017:

  • we are hosted at MakeIt Modena;
  • our location hosts up to 25 people in person (facemask is recommended but not mandatory);
  • the speaker can be either in person or remote;
  • the session will be live on YouTube;
  • we have a Slack channel dedicated to the meetup;
  • afterwards, we have a booked table at our pizzeria of trust for chat and networking.

The meetup starts at 6:30 PM (GMT+1), with 60/90-min technical session starting at 7 PM.

Session format

We welcome any session format!

The most popular meetup formats we have hosted up to now are:

  • technical session (classical frontal session)
  • workshop (the speaker facilitates a practical session where people will put their hands on some code)
  • moderated round-table (the speaker moderates an interactive session to debate about a specific topic by asking questions to the audience)
  • live coding (a structured “no-slides” talk)

For other formats, please choose “Other” and drop some lines in the notes.


First come, first served: we reserve the slot as soon as we receive the proposal. The date is not 100% binding: we usually meet every 2nd Thursday of each month, but we are flexible to change with some notice.

Propose your session