TDD is not about testing

Meetup solo online a causa dell’emergenza sanitaria.

Gli incontri sono ospitati su Remo e la sessione può essere rivista su YouTube.

La sessione

Why should we use TDD to develop in C++ an also in generla? When we are applying it correctly? What are the differences that we can find in a code developed with TDD and in code not developed with it? Is it TDD about testing? Really? In this talk, I’ll show what is TDD and how can be used in a language like Elixir to design the small and the big parts of your system, showing what are the difference and the similarities between some different languages. Showing what is the values of applying a technique like TDD in C++ and what we should obtain applying it.


Il relatore

Gianluca GPad Padovani è uno sviluppatore software, TDD-addicted e coach agile. Grande appassionato dei linguaggi funzionali, in particolare di Elixir/Erlang, e di Ruby, NodeJs e C++. Gianluca è CTO di Coders51.

Video dell’evento