Italian C++ Conference 2019: Wrap-up post

Italian C++ Conference 2019

The 4th edition of the Italian C++ Conference took place at Politecnico di Milano last June 15th.

The awesome day opened with a very special keynote by Andrei Alexandrescu.

The conference was attended by ~240 people, 20% more than last year. The drop rate was about 23%, slightly higher than last year.

As always, I have co-organized the conference with Alessandro Vergani. In addition, the staff on-site included: Guido Pederzini, Raffaele Rialdi, Illya Dudchenko, Gian Lorenzo Meocci, Federico Ficarelli. Thank you guys!

Some news: first of all, the conference was hosted for the first time at Politecnico di Milano, which I would like to thank. In addition, since I have recently co-founded a not-for-profit association – Community Crumbs – attendees could optionally donate to help cover the main costs.

As usual, the conference was totally free. We could rely on some companies and some donations to cover the event costs (slightly less than 8’000 €):

  • Coffee break in the morning, lunch and some beverages in the afternoon (~4’300 €)
  • Video recordings and technicians (~1’000 €)
  • Air conditioning – oddly enough, that’s not free (~800 €)
  • Badges, stickers and some other gadgets (~300 €)
  • Staff & Speakers dinner (~800 €)

I would like to thank all the companies which supported the conference: KDAB, JFrog/Conan, AIVJetBrainsSigeoDeveler, Hexagon. Moreover, a big shout-out to 32 people who donated (~10% of the total number of registrants).





Last but not least, thanks to all the speakers and to all the attendees!

I have published several pictures of the event here on our Facebook page.

Here is the beautiful “itCppCon19 Panorama”:

Italian C++ Conference 2019 Panorama

Some stats

We have some stats, as usual.

Attendees gender:

  • male: 224 (registered 289)
  • female: 16 (registered 21)

Age average: 36

Responses to the C++ survey:

(less than the total number of registrants because I have discovered that registrations from Facebook bypass the survey…).

Structure and contents of the event

The Italian C++ Conference 2019 was a full-day event about C++ development with 1×90′ keynote and talks arranged in two parallel tracks throughout the whole day: 8×50′ talks, 2×30′ short talks and one 20-min featured talk during lunch.

Networking and breaks: 1h before the kick-off, 2×30′ breaks (1 morning, 1 afternoon) and 75′ lunch break. We offered a coffee break in the morning and a lunch meal. In the afternoon, beverages were available for free.

The whole agenda was in English (slides here and videos here). Andrei Alexandrescu gave an awesome keynote Allegro Means Both Fast and Happy. Coincidence?. Other talks were about several other topics like C++20 (Modules, Concepts, Coroutines), Cross-platform development, Link time and profile guided optimization, CONAN C++ package manager, Entity Component System pattern. Check out the event page for more details including links to videos and slides.

Andrei Alexandrescu:

Marc Goodner:

Rainer Grimm:

Davide Bianchi:

Michele Caini:

Alberto Barbati:

James Turner:

Dmitry Kozhevnikov:

Javier Garcia Sogo:

Roberto De Ioris:

Nicolò Valigi:


About 55% of attendees gave feedback. I am glad for the results:

Best #itCppCon19 tweets

Our events come with prizes only for “best tweets”. The definition of “best tweet” is unspecified though…A few are listed below:

#itCppCon19 Black board is still unbeatable

— Marco Ippolito (@MarcoIppolito) 15 giugno 2019

@incomputable gets feedback from the future #itCppCon19

— Alberto Barbati (@gamecentric) 15 giugno 2019

so I went to #Italy to visit #itcppcon19 and all I learnt was a new english word: cloister 😉

— Peter v. N. (@pvonnied) 15 giugno 2019

What’s next

We have already started the co-organization of the C++ Day 2019. We are just waiting for the official confirmation from the university but it should be in Parma on November 30. Save the date! The call for sessions will hopefully open in a few weeks. The event is co-organized with the Robotics Team of the University of Parma.

I am looking for speakers for the second half of the season of monthly C++ meetups in Modena, hosted by ConoscereLinux. If you like to give a talk, moderate a workshop, or moderate a roundtable, etc. please get in touch (myname [at] italiancpp [dot] org).

I am proud of Coding Gym and I keep on investing time and effort on this project. We have launched the format in two new cities (Bassano Del Grappa and Bari) and we have our yearly “trainers summit” on July 27 in Bologna.

As said before, I have co-founded and I am the president of Community Crumbs, a not-for-profit association. We have lots of work to do on this newborn project.

That’s all. See you soon!