SObjectizer: a C++ tool for Concurrent Programming

Meetup solo online a causa dell’emergenza sanitaria.

Gli incontri sono ospitati su Remo e la sessione può essere rivista su YouTube.

La sessione

SObjectizer is a mature and stable project that isn’t particularly famous among the wide audience. It simplifies the development of sophisticated multi-threaded applications in C++ allowing developers to use such models as Actors, Publish-Subscribe and CSP-channels. In this talk, we’ll speak about SObjectizer’s origins, its capabilities, and specific characteristics.

Il relatore

Nicolai Grodzitski is a C++ with 10+ years of professional experience. He’s been developing server applications (telecom, multi-threaded applications, distributed applications, 24/7) and server utilities. He’s contributed to a number of open-source projects, most notable of which are SObjectizer and RESTinio.

Video dell’evento